First T Fold with "Cup"

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 My first try FIrst T Fold with Cup: My first try

My first try - I was aiming for a T fold with a cup like on page 78ish in Lewton-Brain's Foldforming book. The metal certainly didn't do as I expected but it is very cool and I love the texture in the cup. I plan on cutting this into strips for earrings as I don't know what else to do with the piece. It is too big for my customer base. Someone suggested a jeweler's saw. I have access to lots of machinery at work thru friends who fabricate all types of things. So I'm hoping they can help.

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What gage metal did you use

What gage metal did you use and since you say it doesn't look like you expected, what part doesn't look right to you. Remember that Charles has made the pieces in his book many many times and that just might have something to do with the difference.

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I believe I used my 24 gauge copper. I just learning foldforming and I just wasn't expecting what the form did when I tried to unfold it. I've already gotten a request for a large bracelet but I'm not sure I can do it. I'll try though as there is only one way to learn. My customer wants like a six inch tall fold formed cuff. Yikes -don't even know what to charge for that.


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/Fold Formed Large cuff

Cathy - don't be afraid of charging for your work - figure in your time, materials and then multiply by whatever number will make you a GOOD profit! Remember, you can always come down in price with your customer, but once he/she says yes, the deal is done! Silly as it sounds, the more expensive a piece is, the more apt it is to sell fast. Of course, it must be well made and well designed, but that sort of goes without saying, doesn't it?
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