Owl, Owl,  bring your long life and fortuneowl: Owl, bring your long life and fortune we says symbols of long life and bring fortune

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As always with your work

dong gwan,

As always with your work, this piece is simply marvelous. May it bring you long life and good fortune in your new setting.

Thank you for sharing this with us!

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Hi dong gwan,
I like your owl. We have owls living near my home in the forest. I imitate their call and they make their " who who who wah!" call back to me. We have lots of birds and rodents here to fatten themselves on.They will eat my cat if given the chance. My Raven friends and the Owls are blood enemies and their aerial battles are fascinating.


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Hi Frank,

thank you for your comment
I could imagine the keep natural place where you live
I also have slmllar experience with Owl
during my army service many years ago

dong gwan