You Tube Video of Overview of 40 years of Metal Work

Here's something I'm working on for a presentation:

Check it out, it's some of my father's work.

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Wow.... what a legacy!!!

I couldn't bring up the video through your post , I just put in Sculptor Thibodeaux...must be amazing to grow up with....
beautiful ....Steelyjan

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right address for you tube video

here's the right address:

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no other word but,

no other word but, AWESOME!!
Guthrie, MN

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your Dad's work

Stephen Fitz-Gerald
Absolutely inspirational !

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Your dad

Sorry to hear about don,i will miss him dearly.I loved your dad very much,he was not only a great artist but also a great boxing trainer.R.I.P Don,you will be missed.
Ex Kronk boxer,from Southwest Detroit

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Seeing this Video brings

Seeing this Video brings back alot of great memories.

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Don's family......

Your father and husband was the first person who took the time to help me on my dream of becoming a cutman...he opened his home to me, allowed me near his family, taught me the business of boxing and was a great friend. I have never forgotten what he did for me and I never will. God Bless all of you!!!!!!!! Rodney Walbecq