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Cleaning copper

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When I make copper sculptures I wire brush the end product to clean it up. I am now making some miniature copper sculptures and it is hard to get into the tight spots with a wire brush to clean the residue left from brazing. Is there a way that I can dip them into a liquid solution to get the brazing residue cleaned up and then wire brush the rest to clean it up? Would there be a simple solution of something like pool chemicals or house hold cleaners? I am not interested in getting into acids.

Looking for the steel sculpture with shell casings


Last night a I ran across a photo of a steel sculpture with shell casings cascading down and some were frozen in mid air. Now I can't find what I was looking at. Does anyone know the blog or post that it was on? I found it interesting and would like to again read some of the posts that were there.

Brazing rod


Has anyone ever used a phoson/copper rod 0% silver for brazing copper?

I was reading about them and it seems like the fumes that come off of the phospherous are harmful if breathed.


Jet -Fluxer

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When I braze copper with oxyacetylene everything turns black. Someone said I should use a jet-fluxer. Does anyone know what a "jet-fluxer" is? Where do you get one?

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