Non Acid Based Casting??? Help?


Hey everyone,

I'm currently trying to use a different material for casting which requires using a non acid based investment. Everything turns out great but divesting is turning out to be a really big problem because the investment is incredibly hard and it's a real pain to remove it. If anyone has had any experience with this feel free to chime in to help me solve this problem



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Please give more details.  The standard plaster / sand based investments are alkaline as attested by the use of limestone that is used to make plaster and is also used to put on acid soil to make it nore neutral in farming. It also is removed far easier than many others in fact my most used cleanup operation includes a power washer to get into the finest crevasses and even cores with small openings to get inside. What is the problem or media you are working with?


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Vibratory methods are generally the first step in getting off mold material.