Soldering Gold to Silver

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I need help:
I am trying to solder a piece of 14kt yellow gold (0.75mm thickness) to a piece of Sterling silver (5mm thickness)
I am using 14kt y/g medium solder
I am having major problems....
I would appreciate any advice....grrrr....soldering...

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Try just using silver

Try just using silver solder, instead of the gold solder. It melts too high to work well on the sterling but regular silver solder, either easy or medium, will solder the two together just fine.

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gold to silver

I am having the same problem, am using silver solder, tried med. then easy. One side broke off and left a white residue. I have soldered this several times. I make sure I clean both pieces and file off the old solder/flux. I am using paste flux, any problem there? Help!

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The paste flux is probably

The paste flux is probably the issue. Get some Battern's Liquid flux and you should have no problems.

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I would suggest tinning the

Rich is right do not use the gold solder. I would suggest tinning the back of the gold with medium silver solder and then laying the tinned side onto the silver and heat from below until you see the solder flow on the edges. Remember the axiom "The heat of the metal melts the solder and not the flame". Make sure you flux well and do not overheat. Best of luck.

Fred Zweig