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Hey guys I just got my website up and running. I would love it if yall would go check it out and let me know what you think (HONESTLY what you think, No hurt feelings here). Its nothing fancy but its a start. The address is  Table commisioned by a boat captain. Made using an actual bronze ship's wheel.The base is steel and was painted to match the natural patina.table 1: Table commisioned by a boat captain. Made using an actual bronze ship's wheel.The base is steel and was painted to match the natural patina.

David Hebert

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Everything I clicked on

Everything I clicked on appeared to work. I thought the font size of your copy was too large. In the source it's size="4", whatever that is. I was able to change it in my browser and thought it worked better at size 2 which seemed to be about 11 or 12 pixels.

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I really like the gray and metal blue combination. The greener blue in the footer and on the navigation buttons didn't work for me.

I liked the size of the main content font but I'm a Mac user and font selected on a PC will appear smaller for me.

I would like to see a stronger contrast between the background color and "Metal Works LLP." Again, the colors are a little different for Mac users than for PC users.

I had a little difficulty reading the buttons because of the size of the font but I really like the font style and the contrast is great!

I think the use of the words "click here" is rarely needed with Internet users. We've been using hyperlinks for a long time and we can figure out that "Get a 10% off coupon, good through September 30, 2009" means that we need to click -- especially if you keep the underline of a text link. Of course, you need to evaluate the needs of your users, of your target audience before making any changes. Your target audience may not have as much Internet experience and would benefit from "click here."

I really liked the button names. However, I would have expected to see a list of products and services that you provide rather than a description of what you've been doing and for how long. I wonder if you are planning on expanding this section and just haven't gotten to it yet.

Ornamental Iron -- really great information. I had a little difficulty reading the paragraph text and would suggest a serif font and maybe a little taller line-height to separate the lines within each paragraph a little more. The use of images is fantastic!

Sculptural Art -- Here the line height for the paragraphs is much better but I think a serif font would still make the paragraph text easier to read.

Other Fabrication... -- Great use of buttoned lists. Here, I notice the font is kind of big -- even for me. From a usability point of view, you might want to use Headers -- from the source code, it looks like your headers are actually just paragraphs.

The Photo Gallery shows your spectacular work but I've left your site and I don't get a sense that they are connected. How can you use the color scheme, graphics, and fonts to tie the two sites together? Also, sending someone away from your site -- even for your pictures -- may not be a good idea. Consider warning users that the link will take them to a new site and consider doing it by opening a new window.

Contact page is great -- how smart of you to actually put your email address in text instead of just using a link.

Links -- What is the purpose of this page/link and how does it contribute to your business? If you can explain that, think about putting a paragraph on this page to explain it. Or, you might just not send people to other websites.

Overall, it looks like you've worked very hard to inform and guide potential customers. You have great images and terrific information. Good job.

AJ Tivol

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Thanks for the help!

I really appreciate all the comments and suggestions. I am going to take some time to get it all fixed up right. Even if it takes me having to hire or barter with some one to make it happen. I do agree with everything said, and alot of that stuff Ive wanted to change from day one but Im not an expert on scripting yet or even super computer savey. If you have any tips you can send my way feel free. They will be greatly appreciated.