making End Cones


Hi! First, it was nice to run across your website. I enjoy it. I am amatuer jeweller. I am lucky enough to have my own studio to work from. At the present I am concentrating on perfecting my chain maille and viking weave tequniques, and annealling wire.

At the moment I am making a viking weave necklace and need end caps. I have thought of the fold over end cap, but I am thinking (thanks to a friend) of making cone end caps.
I have the template making down, but how do are they formed? The ones I need would be long and narrowm 5mm at the wide end.

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I just cut the sheet to the

I just cut the sheet to the proper size for the cone and then crease it about 30° down the middle. From there, it is a matter of patiently and carefully working it with a hammer to close it around and then solder the seam. Note that I've never made a cone that was that small, however. Mine were generally more like 1" to 4" at the open end, and that makes things easier. I think if I needed them as small as 5mm opening, I'd just find a place to buy them ready-made.

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making small cones

Thanks Rich, A friend of mine (that got me started on this) has got back to me and told me she uses a bezel mandrel to shape her cones. :) Thanks for sharing your method. I will look forword to having a reason to try it sometime. Deb