dragon made from sheet steel

Hi, I'm new here! This is one of my first peices: a 5 ft dragon made from sheet steel on an 8mm bar frame, galvernized then painted. A smoke machine is rigged through a pipe going under the ground then up underneath the dragon to a 'Y' split at the nose.

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Dean, Welcome to ArtMetal! I


Welcome to ArtMetal! I understand you are a new member and I wanted to mention that you have probably noticed that the comment you added to the ArtMetal Cafe has been moved here as a new post. I moved your comment because the chat cafe is just not the right place for it. So I made a new blog post so that it is properly displayed in the community front page.

I would also like to recommend that you take a little time to view the movie tutorials listed in the faq/help section. These tutorials were set up to help new users learn how to customize their accounts to get the most of their membership here at ArtMetal.

Again, I welcome you to ArtMetal and hope you will have fun learning and sharing your artwork and knowledge with the community!

BTW, I really like your dragon! I'd love to hear how you get the smoke/steam to come up his nostrils. Is the smoke machine set up on a timer, motion detector, or is it always pumping smoke?