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Greetings, Just found this site and figured it would be a good place to meet others with my interest.

There are lots of metal folks here, but none are doing repousse and chased jewelry. It's rather my niche here.

So I am signed up and looking forward to discussions with others here.

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'Tis a curious craft - the art of of chasing & repousse... glad you're here to share your knowledge/experience.
Look forward to seeing/hearing more... What prompted your interest ?
Best regards, Bowen

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What peaked my interest?

Well? I took a class and the woman was making really simple leaves but she was selling a six piece set of "repousse" tools. After the class I wondered what I was going to do with these (rather expensive) tools. So I began researching and found that I could really get into this aspect of metal working and well? as they say the rest is history.

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Yes this is a great site to find others with similar interests to yours. You might also try the " Sandbox" once with this site but now on an entirely different server. This is a group of metal artists and we write,talk, discuss ALL SORTS of thoughts, thinking, information, current projects, etc. If you are interested, send an e mail to the group at art metalists If you don't like the list it is very easy to get off of the list.

John Dach
web site: http://www.MLCE.net and ctmandalas.com