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I am new / old to ArtMetal, meaning that I was a member in the very beginning of ArtMetal. I got real busy and slipped away from ArtMetal. I was a full time artist-blacksmith for many years then a series of events which included hurricane Katrina and then a freak tornado,,,, well anyway I am back and my shop is nearly on-line.


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Glad to hear things are

Glad to hear things are coming back together for you, Dave. I know it's been a long hard road road and I'm sure you're looking forward to getting some work done. I'm looking forward to seeing what new stuff you come up with.

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Welcom Back!!!!!!!!!!

I will be awaiting to see our new work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Dach
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Welcome back Dave

So I guess the question will be... and what has life and the break away while tending to it taught you new?  We will be looking forward to see that new you via your next doings.   Good to hear from you again.   bpfink