Christmas market

I have described my first and only experience of trying to sell my product directly to the public here:

Many here are old hands at this. I welcome any comments.

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I very much enjoyed reading

I very much enjoyed reading about your experience. I also sympathize greatly!

From what I could see in the photo, your product looks terrific.

I've sold at many different shows over the past 20 years or so and the only comment that comes to mind is that I have found that it really makes a huge difference what show I attempt to sell my work in.

It might just be that you need to experiment more to find the right kind of show for your work.

One thing is for SURE...........don't let the experience of this one show determine anything about how you look at potential success of your product. It could very well be that at the next show you will sell a lot.

I wish you great success!

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Thank you. The consensus

Thank you. The consensus seems to be that the venue is everything.

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You never left the medical field, now you are involved in therapy... yours.
The white table cloth has to go.
Work on a display that is up to the quality of your sundials.
Take two aspirins and double the price.
Live well,

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There have been many valid

There have been many valid comments about the display quality. About half way through the show I began to offer a small sum for any young woman who would dress in a bikini and lie on my table. I figured it works at car shows so why not for me. No takers. Come to think of it the under 30 group was rather under-represented.

However, given the type of the market this was I suspect Angelina Jollie would not have made much difference.

As for the aspirins I shall stick to the prescribed suppositories. OTOH for all the good they do I might as well shove them - well you know...