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New activity?

I have directed some metal casters here. Maybe there will be some action. This forum has been too great to allow it to die. There is more knowledge stored here than in any other place I know of.


The Game II

China Doll

Creative Commons License
I started her a year ago or more. She is taking shape.

torch work

Volunteer Patina

Volunteer Patina


help with possible bronze disease

A man with a lot of bronze sculptures in his house wants me to help him. He has had them for years up in Mexico City where the air is dry. He moved to a seaside house down here and his bronze has begun to develop little white crusty spots in places.

I sure wish . . .

I sure wish someone would post here besides me. This has been the best forum ever for sculptors. Where are you? For God's sake don't say you are diddling around on Facebook with all of the citizens.

Quick and Dirty

Quick and DirtyQuick and DirtyI got tired of detail so I did something quick and dirty.

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