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 This is a Oil burning All Copper Moravian Candle. The red ribbon is copper but has been powder coated to create a durable red color. I am looking for a tool that I don't know the name of. Tinsmiths use this to roll the edge of the handles and the lip of cups. I make a lot of these Moravian Candles and the handles for the candle holders take so much time to hand hammer the rolled edge. Please let me know if anyone knows of such a tool and where can I could possibly get one.

  Thanks in advance! 

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Joe, There are actually two


There are actually two tools that can be used for this. One is a beading roller, which will roll the edge into a half-round ridge, and the other is wiring machine, which rolls the edge around a piece of wire to stiffen it. Try a search o Ebay or somewhere similar for "beading roller", "wiring machine" and similar terms. If you don't come up with something on Ebay, you can buy them new from Pexto or Tennsmith, but they ain't cheap.

Another possibility would be to use a jeweler's rolling mill with wire rolling dies. If you ran the copper sheet through a half-round wire die with a piece of round wire on top of it, it would press the copper into the groove and form a rolled edge.

Lastly, I've done this once or twice by making a half-round swage block with a "hammer" on a hinge to form a raised edge. You just feed the metal through while tapping the hammer with a mallet to form the cupped edge. Old tinsmiths used to use a similar tool for doing edges - you see them for sale every so often on Ebay in the blacksmithing tools section.


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avoid and keep moving?

i,am looking for old chasing tools and have dot com,ed till my eyes hurt .
any links that you may know of? would really like a nice old chasing hammer ,IE.mitteldorfer straus goats head hammer. any help?

thanks tim (first time long time)

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Tim, Welcome to ArtMetal.

Tim, Welcome to ArtMetal.

What you're looking for is in a specialized niche of the tool world so that makes it tougher. I can only offer a couple of suggestions.

The Ebay "Collectibles, Tools, Blacksmithing" has that sort of thing form time to time. You'd have to check it every few days for several months, unless you happened to get lucky.

You might try Charles Lewton-Brain's web site,   and post a request in one or more of the forums there.  

Hope this helps,


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Chasing tools and hammers

Chasing tools and hammers can be found on most jewelry supply houses such as Rio. Chasing hammers are usually inexpensive and also found in jewelry supply houses. Gene Olson on this list makes good chasing tools.

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Tim This response is late in

Tim This response is late in coming. Old chasing tools are hard to come by. They are valued by both the craftsman and tool collector. Ebay regularly sells a stash and they run about $10 per tool. If it is a large stash you may only spend $6 per tool.
The mitteldorfer straus goats head hammer is another rarity and is expensive as well. I have seen them for sale at $420 and there is on on eBay right now for $375.
Sounds to me that you are collecting these tools and that eBay might be your best source.
Fred Zweig