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Hi all,

I have been trying to find a bandsaw blade for my vertical bandsaw and have not had any luck. I called my local metal supplier and he could not find what I needed either, so I was wondering if anyone knew of somewhere I could find what I am looking for. I am cutting 1" thick copper (about 25 30ga.sheets stacked)and I need a 1/4" blade 92"long with 6tpi. I am trying to cut out multiple patterns at once and the blade that I got from Lowe's just won't stand up to the job. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


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heres the company I use,

heres the company I use, they'll make you up anything you want, great blades, great prices


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Buying band saw blades

I bought a few M42 blades from, the blades were a little less cost so I was worried about quality. They shipped the blades to be in 2 days, and the they had a plastic tooth protection on them. I got longer life from them and to top it off I received a "Satisfaction phone call"  asking how they worked. It was like buying from amazon with customer service!

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copperjoe, I prefer Lenox


I prefer Lenox Diemaster II blades and use the 10/14 Vari-Tooth in 1/4" for probably 90% of my work on the vertical saw. For what you're doing with stacked thin sheet, I can' toffer a good recommendation - every time I've tried that with soft non-ferrous metals, I've serious problems with swarf from the upper sheets galling the succeeding sheets and gumming up the cut. This has resulted in a very poor edge profile that required excessive finishing, so I have opted instead to have such things cut with either a waterjet or special laser. Copper is nasty stuff to cut, at times.

I'll be very interested to hear how you make out with this project. Hopefully I can learn a new trick or two from you.


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Rich, I too had the same


I too had the same problem but I found out that if you stack a thin piece of wood on top and bottom of the stack then it doesn't gum it up. I don't know if it keeps it cooler or the wood shavings keep it from gumming or what but it does work. I have a lot of drawer bottoms that I use for the wood. After I finish cutting I will leave it stacked and sand the entire piece at once and then I have about 25 patterns ready to go.

Where do you get your blades from? I contacted the company that Matt gave me but they said that they would have to special order a 1/4" blade like I need and it would be about $35.00.


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Copperjoe, I usually get my


I usually get my blades from or from MSC Industrial Supply. Lenox doesn't make a 1/4" blade in 6tpi, except for a skip-tooth configuration that is only good for wood. I use the 10/14 varitooth for almost everything except the thinner stock where I go to the 14/18 varitooth. The Diemaster II bi-metal blades last a long time, but they are about $30 each for the 93" length, as I recall. They're worth it, too.


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band saw blades

You might give A CUT ABOVE a try. They are in the Los Angeles area. They also have all sorts of abrasives and diamond tools too. Very nice folks to work with.

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band saw blade for copper

I think you should call for your blade application. You will save money vs. bandsawbladesdirect and the people there are fantastic! Thats what they do.

Joe G.

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The listed prices for the

The listed prices for the blades seem cheaper on, but they aren't Lenox Diemaster II blades. I'm happy to pay a few bucks more for the Lenox blades, since they do the job and are only welded by places certified by Lenox as having the proper equipment and training.

I'm definitely not saying that there is anything at all wrong with Detroit Bandsaw - I know nothing about them, so I can't pass any judgments on them one way or the other. They carry good product lines in their tools, it seems, so I'm sure they carry good blade stock as well. I'll have to give their blades a try one of these days so I can form an opinion.

The best prices I've gotten on the Lenox blades was from MSC when they had one of their periodic discounts on blades. At that time, the Diemaster blades came to around $24 for a 93" x 3/8" x 10/14V pitch Diemaster II. Naturally, I bought a decent stock of the sizes I use most at that time.

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saw blades etc.

Stephen Fitz-Gerald

I get my saw blades at a nearby facility that contracts with Lennox. I'm pretty sure they do custom work.
Like Rich,I swear by that Diemaster II blade with the 10/14 Vari-Tooth,but I use 1/2 wide blades on my saw.I save all broken blades and they repair them for free.There's a brilliant Laotian guy that's been there for like 25 years and does pretty much everything by himself in a small but well appointed shop...
I think they even offer custom pitch for the teeth.
Call toll free: 1 (888)223-7016

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Thanks for all your help

Thanks for all your help guys. I finally found a place around my area that will make the blade to my length. I have since purchased 2 Diemaster II blades 6tpi and 10-14 tpi. They work great and hold up very well.

Thanks again for all your help, you guys are the greatest!!


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someone else mentioned A Cut

someone else mentioned A Cut Above

Just want to add my praise of them ..I buy a lot of abrasives from them if
you buy at a $50 minimum and the shipping is free they also deliver fast Good company