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My take on historical reproduction from steel to copper

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Copper turret roof

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This roof has scallops "tinned" on to the panels. The original roof had stamped scallops on steel sheets that were rusted through. I also had to fabricate a round gutter to match the original.

Fred Zweig

Did you teach industrial arts at parkview jr. high?

copper sculpture


Thes pictures aren't that good, but I'll post'em anyway.

table rising


Colinalexander777, the "firecolor" portraits you have been posting are fantastic. You are truely a gifted artist and you are using your gift in a very unique way. I have many questions I would like to ask you about your techniques etc. I also need to own one of you pieces. Could you e-mail me at Thanks for sharing your work, the details and the "feeling" in you pieces are beyond "real". My family owns a material distributor and I have access to large copper sheets. I also have large ovens I am able to use to aneal any size sheet you would ever need.

sculpture made of job scraps

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copper plantercopper planterThis is a planter I made frome some job site leftovers(copper downspouts+wire). I gave it to my aunt as a present for doing my taxes every year and saving me many thousands of $$$. The plants can be watered and the overflow comes out of the bottom. It might be hard to see in the pics but there is a snake in the grass (copper w/brass head).

unbelievable site, first post

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Wow the stuff on this site (pic+info) is amazing. I install rain gutters for a living. A few years ago I decieded to specialize in copper. This web site is really going to help me. After looking at the pictures here I feel like a kintergardener with crayons.

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