pewter patina's ???

Hello all,
I'm looking for some natural patina recipies, and/or store bought products for application on pewter. I will be casting some pieces in pewter, in the past I have been able to get a black patina but I have no idea of any other 'colors' that may be posible through chemicals. any thoughts or solutions would be much apprieciated.

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Hi Matt, Have you tried

Hi Matt, Have you tried Triple S chemical? I know they have an awful lot of patinas.

Jake Balcom
Mettle Design
Lincoln, NE

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I've had good luck with dye

I've had good luck with dye oxide patinas from They can be mixed, applied hot or cold, and layered for a very wide color gamut.

Jim Waggener

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pewter patinas

bpfink  Go to a gun shop or such (WalMart or whatever) and pick up a bottle of Gun Blueing.    It will do a surface chemical coating of copper on it and then let it dry completely before cloth buffing.  Buffing will remove some of the surface copper color but if done gently will add some great highlights.


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Sculpt Nouveau is an awesome company to work with, very customer friendly and they are always happy to talk you through products and procedures. Also there is a book titled Japanese Patinas that has some very interesting patina recipies that can be made at home. I have no idea if they work on pewter as well as silver and copper. That book is not terribly expensive on There is another book on patinas that is excellent, but expensive. You will need to search patinas on Amazon to find it, I can't remember the author. It is possible that your local library would have a copy though.

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Thank you all so much for

Thank you all so much for your help. what a wonderfull thing to have so many other minds to put together.
thank you

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Here's another...

Hi Matt,
When I was looking for a new patina company someone here recommended Birchwood Casey. I really love their patinas for steel. Look them up on the internet. Keep playing....

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Formulas for DIY patina


Try the site below.
i found i by chance so i have not tested any of the formulas but it does make sense