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Money Makers

Thanks for starting the Money Makers group!

So my main product is gates. Not exactly the best online product. Yes there are many sites 'selling' gates yet with shipping I would rather keep it local for now. I'm currently working on word of mouth. I also plan on listing in the local Craigslist although it is three months old here and is just starting to catch on.

Does anyone have any methods they use for local marketing they'd be willing to share?

I do want to keep it small to start. I'm having too much fun enjoying life right now and do not want another 60 to 70 hour per week job. ;)


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Have you got a website up

Have you got a website up with your past gates listed? It is a good thing to have even though you are looking for local traffic only. If it's too much a hassle to set up a web site, then you may want to consider using your personal blog here at as a way to let folks know about your work.

The url to your personal space here on is or you can send them to your active pages by going to:

Anyway, I hope you get my drift. Whether you are looking for local traffic, or national traffic, having a web presence is always good.

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Thanks for the

Thanks for the suggestion.
Yes I do have a website AND have received a few inquiries and one job from it. I do need to spend some time updating it.


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local marketing......

Well for starters........local juried art shows, contact local builders and see if there are opportunities in upcoming Parade of Homes or something along that line. Also local designers and even landscape designer/architects. Some galleries like functional ART. Are there any HIGH END Garden shops?
And given a lil time....I'm sure I could come up with some more :) Best of luck Gary.
two cents,

Bill Roberts

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Great ideas Bill. I'm going

Great ideas Bill. I'm going to work on this. There is a home show this weekend, a bit behind the curve for that but maybe the next one. Lots of galleries in town and I have already been checking on their policies. The garden shops I've been to so far have the cheap over seas stuff. I guess I better get some pieces done to get out there. ;)


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Some ideas

Google has a "local" aspect to it that might be helpful.

The Chamber of Commerce.

Design a piece for a high visibility store, or company, or 'other' with your web address welded right into the piece.

Or, um, maybe, uh, add custom names to those puppies you make, and um, well, put them on someone's website, so they can sell them for you, along with their other memorial products. Um, well, just an idea...

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Some Ideas

Great tips Alex,
I'll check out the Google 'local' functions. I really like the URL welded on the piece idea! I have been talking to two different stores and with the URL welded on I could hopefully drum up some direct work rather than having it all go through them. They might not like that too much. :)

As to the puppies I have been working on some ideas for smaller items that could be marketed on er ah maybe some one else's web site. I've got some more work to do on the shop before I have puppies in production again.



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It seems like if the url is

It seems like if the url is pert of your 'signature' they will get used to it. I think it might depend on who you is carrying your work. If it is a piece in a private residence, it would be perfectly acceptable. If it is through a store, maybe not so much. When I, rarely, do wholesale, I do no include my website information as I usually do when I sell direct.

As to the puppies, that, um, other website waits patiently...

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I have joined a business networking group. YIKES! That means I have to show up every Tuesday morning looking presentable and mingle with about forty eager beavers.
It sounds insane BUT - It has gotten me to get my website up and running, get business cards and now postcards.
This group is on the edge of the metro area with major new housing/starter palaces and includes realtors, builders and remodelers. In other words a large market that I meet once a week.
I just joined so I will report back as it develops.