FAbricating with Bronze sheet- Silicon or something cheaper?

I'm new to this site and finding it very helpful.
I'm working on a sculpture with a fabricated bronze element (tig welded) that will be welded to a cast section- most likely Everdur
The prices of Si Bronze (C655) from Atlas (the only supplier I can find) are a lot higher than Commercial bronze (C220) which I can find closer to home (Upstate NY).
I know Silicon bronze is the best material- but has anyone had experience welding and patinaing other alloys- 1/16"to 1/8". (I'll use a standard dark patina)
I 'm a pretty good welder and have plenty of past experience with welding cast bronze . Definitely want to minimize lead (and zinc) exposure. Is there a way to save money with out risking too much or do I bite the bullet and order from Atlas?

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For TIG welded work I'd

For TIG welded work I'd stick with the silicon bronze (C65500) - the initial cost may be high but the labor savings and color match make it up in the end. You could try AtlasBronze in New Jersey as an alternate supplier.