My door knocker fetish


Well, since I just joined, I wanted to get on the board with at least something of interest. For a few months now, I've been making a variety of door knockers, and they all seem to sell pretty well. For whatever reason, door bells must be going out of style. They're fun to make, because 1) they're function, and 2) the design possibilities are pretty much limitless.

My basic door knocker style. I though this picture turned out nice.

a basic door knocker design, with some chasing

















Here's one that shows some gothic inspiration on the bottom portion. I thought the bottom design was pretty wicked looking, and started using that particular look on a variety of pieces.

Gothic inspired door knocker

I've been doing the smithing bit part time, and fell like I'm just nowstarting to break out with some cool designs. I found that exploring celtic knotwork, indigenous/tribal art, and gothic compass work really helped trigger man new paths of thought. At first, I found it hard to move from the classical patterns and come up with my own designs. I attribute this difficulty mainly to my years of working in a highly technical embedded software career. Something about that line of work hindered my right brain function.


On the selling note, I encourage anyone trying to sell a few odds and ends at the hobbyist rate checkout google checkout ( It's very easy to setup and use, so you can start selling right away. Not to try like I'm selling something, but I've got an example on my site at that illustrates how this is done. If someone has some questions on the process, go ahead and ask, and I'll see if I can help out.