How to post a blog entry to a community group

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I had a little trouble figuring this out, so I thought a little howto was in order.

In order to add/associate a blog entry with a community group, such as 'Blacksmithing', for instance, you have to be subscribed for that group.

First thing, navigate to the group's main page. This is pretty easy, just mouse over the 'community' entry on the toolbar, then groups, then select the group you want.

Once on the group main page, scroll down, and look for the subscribe link on the far right. I've got a screenshot, but I can't figure out the appropriate method to upload it, so bear with me please.

Once subscribed, go ahead and add your blog entry. Down at the bottom there's a 'Audience:' section with some checkboxes below it. In the checkbox list will be the blog you just subscribed to. Just go ahead and check it, and your blog will appear in that group.

Happy blogging!