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Chasing and repousse resource page

Repousse & Chasing

Charles Lewton Brain has composed a rescource page for chasing and repousse. Fantastic job tools, books, articles web sites of interest. http://www.brainpress.com/Chasing.html Check it out! BJ

new adventure in fold forming

Repousse & Chasing

Boy it's been a while since I've posted. I do however touch base everyonce in a while. I thought a few of you might be interested in my new adventure. Check it out please.. It contains the only pics of me on the web...Once you get there you'll know where to find me.

Scroller Bear

Scroller bear are you out there? I need your help...Brad

To Rhino or not

I'm seeking to understand here. To my friends that do computer generated images you have my bravo. I strongly feel that the tech needs to be in the hands of the artists. I'm trying to decide if this method Will get me to where I want to go.

some thoughts on getting started

I was reminded yesterday of one of my bad habits. I sketch stuff as I work, jot down ideas really, I sketch stuff when I relax, heck I'm sketching a new avatar design as I type this. The problem is that I sketch on what ever is handy.


Repousse & Chasing

Anyone headed to SNAG in Savannah? Brad

butterfly house for xmas

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This butterfly house is made from 12 gauge copper wire, 100 feet becomes 150 feet.
The technique is braiding, 44 strands. It's a rolling mill project. And a bit beyond my usual scale, it's 24 inches tall about 10inches in dia.

fold formed bowls and vessels

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I'll try to answer some fold forming questions. The process is one where I spend most of my time. What is fold forming? Well to begin with just look at the words fold and forming..gee you could do that with a sheet of paper..people have, they called the process origami..those same cultures also did origami with metal, mostly foils. They folded they formed..origami with metal ignores the properties of the metal and treats the resistance of the metal as an obstacle to be overcome. What if we used the characteristics or properties of metal in the process? When we do that, we are doing what today is known as "fold forming"

"flower vase'

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The "icle" and "ish" of it all 3

If I were to be gifted with the ability to speak and understand different languages, I'd pick Chinese and French. Would that totally change who and what I am? Or would I be a butterfly farmer with a larger audience?..Hmmm I have enough trouble with one language. For today's lesson you will need, all of the stuff you needed last time, paper, copper, hammers an anvil, ect. another banana, and some clams on the half shell. "There's a movie this time". For complete understanding you'll have to watch all of the past Star Trek episodes. There's one I want you to to see in particular. Trekkies will know it right off. It's the one where Kirk is on a planet, his radio jewelry doesn't work, there is an alien there that is trying to kill him, at least he thinks so. Of course the alien speaks English, Well sort of, he says things like "Chakru near the waterfall. Dindal takes a flower " or " Filbert at Sol" Turns out that his language is one of symbols. Ours is also. We describe things 3D with words like cube, rectangle, sphere, elliptical solid, truncated cone or poly dodecahedron. Those words have agreed upon meanings, we can look them up. We agree what a circle is. The problem is that in the natural world oranges aren't spheres, nothing is square and those are hardly cubes. Some can remember what poly dodecahadrons are. I guess that's good. Seems rather esoteric or didactic though. Not a real handy system. The book you didn't read from the last lesson "Form Emphasis For Metalsmiths" by Heikki Seppa addresses the problem. For the moment We are stuck with the sphere "icle" and square "ish" ness of it all. It's my desire to get rid of the ish and icle of it all, so I'll paint word pictures for forms. Here's one " those tendrils from a morning glory or passion vine that hold onto a trellis. My vocabulary doesn't work well here, my geometry doesn't exactly fit. When I cant do that easily I have yu get the object. Tedious I know just be happy I haven't used tree or volcano for pictures...Ok here's where all heck is going to break out, Get your mist bottle. Get one of those squarish roundish any ishy shape will do pieces of paper. Score an arc across the paper. A butter knife might help. Push the sides together. Ah Ha You are going to have so many ah ha moments , you're going to sound like a steam engine. Break ya ya ya you know what to do. My wife came in to tell me that the cassia are blooming..That's cool 'cause cassia attract sulphurs They are big yellow butterfly's very cool. Breaks over. Scribe two arcs, fold scribe an S shape, Make more paper ish shapes. Remember to breath and to ponder.

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