Question about coal forge

Hey! can you possibly help me in this one question - how thick should be steel for firebowl , for example, 4 mm thick steel will not burn out?

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Line it with sand or fire

Line it with sand or fire bricks to protect the structure.

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Andris, I would recommend no


I would recommend no less than 8mm thick, and personally I would use 15mm thick for the firepot and 6mm for the table around it. Most cast firepots are about 15mm thick, for comparison.

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firepot thickness

The old Buffalo firepots were about 8 or 9 mm, and they would hold up for a long while. I found that if you wet your coal as some do, the central portion of the flanged edges may eventually rust away and/or warp. In freezing weather country, leaving the wet coal without moving it onto the hearth overnight can cause some slight warping.

There is at least one maker that casts pots with about a 22 mm wall thickness, Roger Lorance.

Bruce Lepage of Wisconsin used to forge weld "Damascus" rifle barrels, and he forge welded so much that his firepot would turn red and warp and eventually crack, so he had a new one custom cast for him annually.

Firepots are cast iron, as it is somewhat heat resistant and there is less chance of clinker sticking to it. A firepot can be welded up of mild steel, but it will not outlast a cast one. Granddaddy of Blacksmith Schools