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Hi Folks, I'm back on ArtMetal after an eleven year hiatus. I'm a buddy of Dr. Vega of the curvilinear cult. I am neighbors and a secret admirer of the metal hottie, Ms Kimberly. I have been in this metal forming, melting, twisting, carving, mushing, fusing,welding, cutting, carving, and cussing business for more than 35 years. Now the tidal surge of tool buying is reversing in the post-mid life "Lightening Up". So I'm putting one of my anvils up for sale. It's a nice size Peter Wright, about 280 lbs. 28 1/2" over all lenth, face is 4 1/2" X  17 1/2". 12" height. Good Karma within. Call for more info 919 444 1665 JohnAnvilAnvilanvilanvil

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Dr. Vega? Curvilinear cult?

Dr. Vega? Curvilinear cult? You're too funny John! It's great to see you are still active in the metal arts.

BTW, what are you asking for your Peter Wright Anvil?

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Dr. Vega?

Well. . . In the Alchemist sense: We take this earth, wind, fire, and water. With them we perform acts of creation. Like leetle re-creations of the "Big Bang". Only WE bang on anvils.
The 20 or so years I've known you, you've been a strong proponent of the curvilinear. Just my impression, no biggie.
AND, yes. I am too funny. I can't help it. It's my second avocation.

I forgot to put the price in the post. I'm selling the anvil for $850.00

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John, According to the


According to the weight markings on the anvil, it is 1-3-11 in Imperial Hundredweights (cwt) so that would be 112+84+11, or 207 pounds Avoirdupois, rather than 280. It looks like it is very nice condition. SHould make a great working anvil.

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You're Wright!

Thanks Rich. I realized that yesterday when I verified the direction of reading the "old Stone" system. I put the markings picture up for truth in advertising. I checked the anvil site out (link below) last night and saw the error on my part.

It is a nice anvil, and I've made a lot of tooling for it. I don't REALLY want to sell it, but truth be told, I've had a contract for fantasy ironwork at a children s library postponed until the banks are trustworthy again. I have clients that have lost more than half of their wealth and have to come out of retirement and go back to work, and don't really NEED that gate. So I'm feeling the pinch that has turned into an uncomfortable squeeze.
Today I just landed a rectilinear firescreen. So I keep hope alive.
Site for deciphering anvil weights:

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Is the Anvil still

Is the Anvil still available?