The history of BLACKSMITHS

Hello,everyone, thanks for your reading in advance.

After discuss with my friend several times later, I still can't understand some question well

Here I post them,If you are interested ,Please let us know your idea, that would be appreciated.

1.What is the founder of blacksmith

2.What is the American wrought iron different from European sytle , even European , there divide Ge / It / Uk style , right ?

3.How to let the artistic iron meet with the style of building / Architecture

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new common

i am a freshman here.
but i am not sure which catagory is suitable to your questions.
but i am been a worker for some years in this area.
hope to communicate with you anymoe
and i have write an email to you, please check it and hope i could found your reply in my box.


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the history of blacksmith

Dear Mr.Blacksmith
Thanks for your email and commets soonest.
Yeah,I am from China.
I want to know more about the workmanship, and the history of blacksmith, do you have more BBS or Blog,which will be helpful and usful for me , since I just have 1 years of Blacksmith
Thanks for your kindly attention always!

Allen Tseng

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I am very interested to see

I am very interested to see young Chinese interested in blacksmithing.
Here in the west, we hear that the modern Chinese is only interested in computers and technology, and that hobbies which involve craftsmanship are considered old fashioned and dirty and low class.

Of course, there are still blacksmiths in China, making tools and fixing things, and some of the biggest businessmen started as blacksmiths- the largest automotive driveline company in the world, Wanxiang Group, was started by a blacksmith, Mr. Lu Guanqiu.

The blacksmith makes the tools, which make everything.

In Finland, they believe a blacksmith made the world.

In my blacksmithing shop, my big power hammer is from China- its an Anyang, from
I love it.

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Dear Ries
Merry Christmas! your photo is very cool on Artmetal
In China, Some Young Chinese are creazy in computer and technology as you said, but I like blacksmith, it is artistic and beautiful
The NO.1 group China is LOYALIRON and Anyang is prefessional at blacksmith tools & machine
In the west, the wrought iron technology & exprience is more developed I think So, It is better to know its history ,style, technology, how will it develop in the near future
Thanks for your attention and kindly sharing ,wish we can be friends soon.

Allen Tseng

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Blacksmith information

You will be able to find a lot of the info you are looking for at . It is a world wide group who share their knowledge and experience with all.

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thanks for sharing

Dear Blacksmith Bear

Thanks for your sharing, it is very useful and helpful.

Allen Tseng