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Le Petit Palais stair photos for me

Dear friends, hope you are well and fine.
I post the blog here to find a person who lives in Paris or close to Paris so that he / she can do me a huge favor : one of my clients want us to make Le Petit Palais in Paris stair balustrade, please see the images that attached, could you take big clear photos with details , including the material size so that we can reproduce copy exactly, these means a lot to us and in future we will look after you in price.

artistic blacksmithing

Here,some topic as follows, share the personal idea and advice if there is time , if interested.
1.)How about the marekt in the first season, happy and surprise due to you got more than what you deserved , or it match & meet what you forecased / deserved ?

The history of BLACKSMITHS

Hello,everyone, thanks for your reading in advance.

After discuss with my friend several times later, I still can't understand some question well

Here I post them,If you are interested ,Please let us know your idea, that would be appreciated.

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