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centrifugal casting experiments

  As a miniaturist cabinet maker I've been trying to make metal mounts for my furniture. I've tried sand casting, lead casting, art metal clay, you name it I've tried it .  7 years its taken me to realise there is no easy way to solve the problem other than setting up my own casting operation...  With that in mind I've read everything I can on the subject and opted for the spin casting technique, (I wanted to use a vacuum machine but the only ones affordable were from China and the more I read the less I trusted them)...So I bought a spin caster from the US instead.

Warping sheet metal


I have an concept for some decorative sheet metal wall panels. The concept I have was to have the metal look similar to the warping and damage that sheet metal goes through, for example, to car bodies after a non lethal accident. Crumpling, bending, distortion etc.

A third failed casting. At wit's end.

Third failureThird failureI have done everything that I can think of, and everything that has been suggested to me. This casting is the worst yet by far.


centrifugal casting setup

I make miniature furniture for a living,  . Many pieces have cast metal handles,mounts etc . Over the years I've tried everything from sand casting, metal clay etc etc to solve the problem..I've finally got to the stage where I realize if I want perfect castings with very fine detail I'll have to do it properly... I recently experimented with RTV, pouring lead and pewter into the moulds but they failed to either have the strength or the detail. However, it occurred to me I was already halfway toward proper casting.. So, after some thought and using a syringe from the pharmacy I've managed to make my wax copies.. I've sprued them up and am now almost ready to do my first casting in silver. 

gas attack in investment casting

disaster-2disaster-2disasterdisasterI poured this today. I invested it as I usually do, in a plaster-brick dust-ludo mix, and burned it out for six days at a little over 900 F. I got bronze spewing back at me from the vent hole like a volcano, and gas holes throughout the casting.

How to weld Cast Irorn

There are two basic methods of welding cast iron, Brazing and Arc welding with a high nickel content rod.

Which method you choose to use depends on several factors; the function of the cast iron item, the equipment available for the repair and the service requirements of the item

Merry Christmas

Have a merry merry Christmas all.

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